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We have secured funding to run a project to engage with young people age 17 – 23 in the Bishopston Library area, whether resident or studying. This will offer a number of workshop in areas such as creativity, science and technology and humanitarian issues, and culminate in a showcase event in November.

We are seeking to appoint a part-time co-ordinator who will lead this work by engaging with young people, identifying activities and managing the associated events.

The project will run from March to November 2020

If you are interested, please email for an information pack and application details.

Closing date for applications 9th February.

Project information: A series of talented events


Friends of Bishopston Library has been awarded funding to run a project to engage with young people age 17 – 23 in the Bishopston Library area, whether resident or studying. The proposal is not prescriptive because we believe successful engagement will depend on the young people themselves owning, informing and shaping the work. Our main aim is to make young people living locally feel welcome and valued in our community, and see the library as a resource that has something to offer them.

The outline structure would be initial engagement with young people and workshop leaders; a launch event for young people and workshop leaders; a series of workshops over three weeks, covering creativity, science and technology and humanitarian (there are three spaces which could be used for workshops on any one evening, so over three weeks a potential of nine.), and a final showcase event free to the public including open mic sessions and exhibitions. These activities will take place in the evening during the autumn at Bishopston library.

The co-ordinator role

We are seeking to engage a project co-ordinator with the following experience and skills:

  1. a proven community presence; 
  2. good communication skills, including social media and 
  3. an ability to respond positively to young people. 

The co-ordinator will lead on:

  1. Making links with potential participants, including existing library users, sixth forms, FE colleges and Universities and others during the early months of the project
  2. Working with a steering group of young people to clarify purpose and scope of the project 
  3. Identifying workshop leaders with skills and enthusiasm in identified areas, using local and existing links wherever possible 
  4. Planning and delivering launch event (late September), workshop evenings and final showcase event in early November.

The co-ordinator will report to FOBL and work to a clear project plan including timescales and a risk analysis. The plan will allow for some flexibility but will also set parameters around the range and type of activities that can be managed.

The role would be specified in a letter of engagement, and would commence in March, with delivery of the final showcase in early November 2020.


The co-ordinator will be paid a fixed fee of £1600 to be paid at intervals against the action plan. The co-ordinator will be responsible for paying their own tax and national  insurance as required.

A further £1400 is available to pay workshop leaders (we expect that some will give their services for free but others will need paying for 3 evenings work)

FOBL will provide support to the project and to events 


If you are interested in this role, please submit a statement (no more than two sides of A4) showing that you have the required skills and experience, and outlining how you would manage the work, with an emphasis on how you would undertake the initial engagement with potential participants.

Please include your name, address and email with your statement.
We will also ask you to complete an equality monitoring form with your application, you are not required to complete this but if you do it helps us as an organisation. The form is completely anonymous and will be detached from your application 

Please return your statement (as a Word document) to  by Thursday 9 February. We will contact successful applicants for informal interview.