Bristol’s Nautical Women – Rosemary Caldicott

Bristol’s Nautical Women
Rosemary Caldicott
The Feminist Folk Singers
Thursday, 7th November 2019

Rosemary Caldicott explores the stories of women whose lives were inextricably linked to the sea. She tells of the women of sailortowns struggling to keep out of the dreaded workhouse and resisting the prowling press gangs; and of the courageous and skilful cross-dressing women sailors who went to extraordinary lengths to hide their gender.

The Feminist Folk Singers sing songs in harmony from a variety of folk traditions where the heroes and storytellers are women.  Our songs tell of women sailing the 7 seas, witching, finding inventive ways to escape peril and rising up against oppression. The songs are in turn beautiful, quirky, full voiced and rollicking, powerful, lamenting, and victorious.  

Doors open 7.15, event starts 7.30.

There will be a cash bar for soft drinks and hot drinks.

Profits go to Friends Of Bishopston Library to provide facilities and events at the library.

Tickets online or from the library

Friends Of Bishopston Library AGM 2019

Friends Of Bishopston Library AGM 2019

Wednesday, 23 October 2019 from 7pm
Followed by Heather Child – Everything About You

Friends Of Bishopston Library is approaching two years old and we must once again take a moment to update you on our progress and offer you the chance to ask questions or to join our team and contribute to our ongoing success.

Our short AGM will be held on Wednesday 23rd November at 7pm (immediately before Heather Child who will begin at 7.30)

Free, no booking required (you may attend the AGM without needing to buy a ticket for Heather Child).

If you would like to join our team or if you have a question or motion for the AGM please contact by 20th October.

Heather Child – Everything About You

Heather Child – Everything About You
Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Doors open 7pm, this event will start at 7.30
(preceded by a short AGM for Friends Of Bishopston Library).

The Guardian said “The Undoing of Arlo Knott, Heather Child’s second novel, following the successful Everything About You, combines compassion and a fascinating premise to produce a moving time-slip romance. It opens with 13-year-old Arlo helping his mother in the garden: a moment of inattention leads to the accident that kills her, and which Arlo might have prevented […] Child makes the initially unlikable Arlo the focus of our sympathy as she expertly reveals a character flawed by circumstance, and the novel has a wonderfully poignant ending. The Undoing of Arlo Knott is a triumph”.

Everything About You: Who will make our decisions in the future? So rapidly is a transhumanist near-future becoming reality that science fiction can hardly keep up. In this talk, local author Heather Child will explain how data company Cambridge Analytica managed to target people’s ‘inner demons’, and how the networked world will soon know us so well that it will second-guess our every move. Amid room-mapping vacuums, self-filling fridges and bikinis that warn of sunburn, we will be tempted to sit back, relax and leave decisions about our lives to the artificially intelligent assistants that know what’s best for us.

A cash bar will be available for hot drinks and soft drinks.

Proceeds go to Friends Of Bishopston Library – we provide facilities, equipment and events at the library.

Tickets £3 online or from the library

Bombweed with Maureen Armstrong

Bombweed with Maureen Armstrong
Thu, 18 July 2019 7.13pm to 9pm

Doors open 7.30pm

Author Gillian’s sister Maureen will talk about the novel Bombweed, and the life of their mother, Margaret Smith, who wrote the original story.

Set largely in Portsmouth, Margaret’s wartime experiences, and those of her friends and family, are the framework for the plot. Written so soon after the real events, they provide a vivid picture of life on the home front. 
Maureen will explain how, having inherited four volumes of poorly typed script, they worked on Margaret’s text to produce the final book. She will highlight what messages the story holds for the modern reader.

Tickets £3 online or from the library

Self-publishing your way to success – a talk by author Paul Pilkington

Self-publishing your way to success –
a talk by author Paul Pilkington
Thursday 27th June 2019 7.30pm – 9.00pm

Doors open 7.15pm

Come and hear Paul Pilkington, bestselling author of mystery and suspense novels, talk about his writing and experiences in publishing. Paul first found success through self-publishing and was one of the all-time top ten bestselling authors on Kindle in the UK. His Emma Holden mystery trilogy was later published by traditional publisher Hodder and Stoughton, and two standalone thrillers by Thomas and Mercer, an imprint of Amazon Publishing. As well as talking about his experiences, Paul will advise on the options for publishing, including how to self-publish.

Tickets £3 online or from the library

Community Yoga Class at Bishopston Library

Community Yoga Class at Bishopston Library

Join Josie at the library every second Tuesday for an evening of rejuvenating yoga. Suitable for all experience levels, the class will provide a space to unwind and connect the mind, body and breath. Starting on the 28th of May at 7-8pm, the session costs £5, with proceeds going to Friends of Bishopston Library. 
Drop in, or get in touch with Josie at if you have any questions. 

Adventures in Cycling and Philosophy – Mind is the Ride

Adventures in Cycling and Philosophy – Mind is the Ride

Jet McDonald cycled 4000 miles from Bristol to India. He’ll take the audience on a visual tour of the trip and also a journey from Western to Eastern philosophy, as he uses components from the bike as a way to explore the philosophies he meets along the way, to better understand the extraordinary experience of cycling across continents.

Tickets £3 in advance from the library or online.

Know your Place Bishopston – Pete Insole

Know your Place Bishopston – Pete Insole
Thursday 16 May 7.30 – 9.00pm

Doors open at 7.15pm

Know Your Place is a free and fascinating online resource that presents a rich story of Bristol as told by past and present communities. Pete Insole, Principal Historic Environment Officer at Bristol City Council, will delve into some of the highlights on the site with specific reference to the Bishopston neighbourhood of yesterday and today.

Cash bar with hot and soft drinks.

Tickets £3.00 at the library or online

A Good Read at Bishopston Library

A Good Read at Bishopston Library
Thursday 25th April

Come and enjoy a Good Read to celebrate World Book Night.

Three local panellists will share their Good Reads, and invite the audience to add their own views and comments.

Our avid readers are Chris Brown, Library group manager and Glos.Vox singer; David Dwek: enthusiast, curious reader & aspiring writer; Daniella Radice: keen cyclist and champion of Playing Out.

Their book choices will be available in the library for ticket holders to borrow prior to the event, you may be asked to show your ticket (copies of the books have been reserved for attendees of this event). They are Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi; Old Baggage by Lissa Evans; The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham.

Please bring along a book in good condition to donate to The Park Bench, a library service for homeless people in Bristol.

Doors open at 7.00pm, event starts 7.30.

Book tickets online or in the library.
Cash bar with beer, wine & soft drinks.

The making of Victorian Bristol – Talk by Peter Malpass

The making of Victorian Bristol – Talk by Peter Malpass

Thursday 21st March, 7.30pm (doors open 7pm)

Peter lives locally and is Emeritus Professor of Housing and Urban Studies at UWE. This publication is the product of seven years of research looking at Bristol’s development during the Victorian period.

How was our city transformed by a growing population, industrial change, technological innovation and urban expansion? How did the population respond to the opportunities and challenges afforded by economic growth and world trade? And who had the power to decide what solutions should be adopted?

You will also hear about some more recent research on the development of our local area.

Do you recognise the building above? Come along and see if you are right.

Cash bar with snacks and soft drinks.

Tickets £3 online or from the library