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Bishopston Library Community Games Evenings

This is how our games evenings work:

Bishopston Library Community Games Evenings House Rules

Everyone is welcome
As long as you enter into the spirit of the event and stick to these rules.

Bring a game
Please bring one if you have one.

Arrive in good time
Later arrivals may find it harder to join in with games that have already started.
Latest entry 8.30pm.

Entrance charge £2

No gambling
Play for points not pennies or pounds.

Be nice!
To keep this as a respectful, safe, inclusive and welcoming environment, behaviour or conversation which doesn’t meet these guidelines is not acceptable. Please don’t bring games which might cause offence to others (eg. Cards Against Humanity). The organisers reserve judgement on this.

We provide the drinks
Soft/hot drinks are available at a low cost, which will help finance the event. Free drinking water always available. Please do not bring your own food or drinks, strictly no alcohol.

We reserve the right to refuse admission or to ask anyone to leave.

No library services
This is a sociable game playing evening – the library will not be open for other services. Library staff will not be available and you can’t borrow or return books, use computers, etc.

No contact!
No “physical” or “contact” games (eg. Twister, sock wrestling). The organisers reserve judgement on this.

Noise is ok
We know that game playing can get noisy, that’s fine but please be aware of and respect the needs for other game players and our neighbours.

Respect the library
Please behave responsibly and leave everything as you found it.Our ability to use the library for future events depends on this. The organisers cannot be everywhere at once but the library is monitored by CCTV.

Adults only
Ages 18 and over only, unfortunately we don’t have the capacity to safeguard and manage children and young people at this event (not even if accompanied, sorry). Events to include younger people may be a possibility in the future – please let us know if you’re interested.

We’re volunteers
This is a volunteer led and run event, we’d welcome more volunteers to help us with future games evenings and other events from Friends Of Bishopston Library.

We welcome your feedback on how to run these events for the benefit of everybody.
Please talk to us on the night or email

Thank you
for playing by our rules. Please come again and bring your friends.